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Server Colocation

Our colocation services provides a high-speen connection for your server. We offer 1U through 4U of space, or you can rent a half rack, full rack, as well as custom size cage. Speak with our colocation solution specialists who will accomodate your needs.
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Dedicated Server

Lease a server at affordable rates with support services built into your plan. Each dedicated server is setup to your specs using our offerings. LAMP stacks, modified LAMP stacks, database, email, VoIP, and reseller environments are all supported.
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Cloud Services

Cloud offers you full scalability for growth. With Colohaven, you have the power to spread your presence from a single data center to a server farm that crosses multiple data centers. MEC computing and load balancing is a powerful use of our cloud services.
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Website Hosting

Our website hosting platform provides everything you need to host a basic website, business website with sub-sites, and e-commerce website. Our servers provide you with DNS, email, databases, DDOS protection, visitor stats, and more. For high traffic sites consider our VPS and colocation services.
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Virtual Private Server

Invest in an VPS environment for your growing business. You are in total control with full SSH access. You can write custom script and apps that enhance the services that your server provides. A VPS environment provides you with cost savings from purchasing your own server hardware while providing the robust environment that you demand.
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Business Applications

We host business applications that help your business grow. You can host a Content Management System, an Intranet, a Customer Management System, as well as countless databases. Our servers can be configured for data backups, business continuity, as well as marketing landing pages.
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