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Peregrine Content Delivery Server

Our Peregrine Content Delivery Server is a versatile powerhouse, ready to meet your diverse needs. Simply share your specifics with our team and we'll supply a tailored quote. For a standard web server, consider our LAMP stack. Each server comes secured with a firewall, DDOS protection, backup power, and connectivity monitoring. You may add additional features like automated backups, custom scripts, software apps, and even failover-configured multi-servers. Discuss your needs with our Associate today.

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Select your operating system

At the heart of your server lies the operating system, the silent powerhouse that keeps everything running smoothly. We're thrilled to present an array of options to cater to your unique server requirements. From the robust FreeBSD, the reliable Red Hat, the dynamic Debian, the flexible Fedora, the consistent CentOS, to the user-friendly Ubuntu - the choice is yours.

Web Server LAMP Stack Default

Embark on your web development journey with the robust LAMP Stack as your default web server. Picture this - Linux forms the solid bedrock, underpinning everything. Sitting proudly atop Linux, we find Apache, the vigilant web daemon that brings your websites to life. The database nestled within, stands as the diligent librarian, storing and cataloguing every bit of information served by Apache. And finally, PHP takes the stage as the maestro, orchestrating the display of data and facilitating user engagement. The LAMP Stack is not just a tool; it's a dynamic, adaptable powerhouse for your web development ventures. Once installed, it's your canvas to shape and tweak Apache, MySQL, and PHP to meet your precise requirements.

Custom Database and Software

Absolutely, we can preload any software you require. Picture PostgreSQL implemented as your chief database, or envision Lucee or ColdFusion seamlessly installed alongside or instead of PHP. When it comes to commercial off-the-shelf software like ColdFusion, we're at your service to handle your licenses.

But that's not all. At Colohaven, we boast an exclusive software development team dedicated to maintaining your server's proprietary custom-written software. Our skillful team is ready to craft bespoke software, extend the functionality of your existing programs, and even assist with version control. Ready to revolutionize your software experience? Reach out to our sales team with your specifications. Let's make it happen.

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