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Virtual Private Server

Virtual Private Server Provides Power Beyond Standard Hosting

When you need complete control of your hosting environment or have multiple websites to put online, a Virtual Private Server is a good solution. The VPS environment gives you control of a virtual server meaning that you are the owner of the space and have control of what software apps you load. You gain full SSH and FTP control.

VPS Means No Hardware To Buy

When you invest in a Virtual Private Server, you gain the benefits of a server, the network connection, backups, and security without the out-of-pocket cost of the equipment. With Colohaven, we maintain all of the hardware, which means upgrades and patches without the hassle. As your business grows, you have the option to upgrade servers once per year at no cost. Our team is here to support your needs.

Cost Savings

Save on the cost of a dedicated server by investing in a Virtual Private Server for your business. The key difference is the resources of the server and the allocation of those resources. When selecting a VPS environment, you will decide on the processing power and memory for your environment. All of our VPS plans are managed plans. We take care of the hardware and basics of the server software. Any additional packages that you add-on are not covered by the managed plan. We do offer paid troubleshooting for those times when you need expert help. This is paid-by-use which saves you from purchasing an additional support contract.

Create Your Own Custom Environment

The big advantage to implementing a Virtual Private Server is you control the server environment. FOr example, a typical off-the-shelf setup is a LAMP stack. This setup includes the MySQL server. If you want to use PostgreSQL, you have the ability to install the databases server and configure it to your needs. In a shared hosting environment, this would not happen.

Tomcat VPS

For those that want to implement a Tomcat server in the VPS environment, our team of administrators are able to help you as needed. Tomcat is an add-on software so support is available per incident for your Tomcat question or issues (large or small.) Tomcat does require additional resources so before you invest in a VPS environment, speak to our sales team so that your Tomcat application runs smooth.

VPS Database Server

Host your business database on a secure VPS environment. Use SSL/TLS to secure your connection. Your data is important that is why we offer a monthly remote backup for your databases with weekly or daily backups offered at an additional cost. Provide us your full requirements and we will make a recommendation to you. Our sales team is here to help you along the way.

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