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Website Hosting Services

Your Website Online

Colohaven Networks has high-spped connections to the Internet. Your website will be available to your visitors around the clock. You can have one website or many websites. Our services include the server, the software, the connection, the power, and DDOS protection. Talk with a hosting specialist now to find out what level of service is right for you.

Business Website Hosting

Small business or large business, low traffic or thousands of visitors a day, Colohaven has a hosting solution for you. Do you have a brick and mortar store and your website is an extension of your brand? Are you an online only business where your sales are all e-commerce driven? Our wide range of hosting products will help you succeed. Now is the time to talk to a business hosting specialist that will help you get online.

E-Commerce Hosting

Colohaven Networks E-Commerce solutions are designed to meet your needs of today and as you grow. Do you need a full solution from day one such as a store, secure certificate, payment gateway, and backend to manage your shop? Perhaps you are starting out and need to save on the monthly costs? Our E-Commerce solutions specialists will create an online store package that will work with your budget. Now is the time to get started.

Personal Website Hosting

Colohaven Networks offers many packaged programs for personal website hosting. For example, as a photographer, you may want a site that shows off the pictures that you take. Or as a traveling blogger, you may want a content management software that makes it easy to create new BLOGs as you travel. Then there are sites for families that allow members to share their life with others, pictures, music, stories, and more. Our hosting specialists will help you get the server space you need and the software to make your website a reality. Speak with us today to get started.

Community and Club Website Hosting

Do you run a community group or a club? Colohaven Networks Community hosting is the right solution for you. We will create a hosting package that meets your needs. You have many options to choose from such as content management, pictures, video hosting, messaging and alerts, as well as going as far as creating a private app for your group. Speak with a hosting specialist today to find out how we can help you with your online needs.

Email Hosting

Does your business need a professional email service. Colohaven Networks has an Email plan that will help you with managing accounts, SPAM, and automated responses. If you have tried other services and they do not fully work for your needs, then now is the time to talk to our Email hosting specialists.

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