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Server Colocation

Lease 2U to 4U of rack space

The Colohaven Cloud Network is a perfect platform for AI and BI Analytics for business. Send your data files to the hive. Use the online interface to run queries so that you have charts that help you seek insights for critical business decision making.

Lease A Half-Rack

Mobile device Apps require multiple people to talk to your server infrastructure. For example, you will need software engineers, database developers, graphic designers, all with access to the development platform. Colohaven Networks offers a flexible cloud platform that enables your development team with the technology you need. Full access to the cloud platform simultaneously.

Lease A Full-Rack

Do you need a high-performance CRM application for a sales team that is spread across the USA? How about running a SaaS Accounting Software with employees around the world? Colohaven Networks Cloud Technology is a robust evironment with 64-bit processors performing all of the high-level processing.

Lease A Cage

Stop loading applications directly on each employees computers. Use the cloud to create virtual environments. With a remote server doing the computations, each user gains power, while your IT department gains the flexibility to upgrade software on the VM rather than each machine. This saves your organization time deploying software pushes to each machnine. The virtual environment saves money by releasing software to users that they need rather than a general image to all users.

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